Guarantee claims

Guarantee and warranty

We offer a prompt claims management for all products within the lines of guarantee and warranty.

Please use one of our proper files for a straightforward process of guarantee forms.

Please note the following points:

  1. We need a thoroughly filled service advice note. Most of the information can be found in your invoice.
  2. As a rule, all claims are to be send back without accessories, except said accessories are needed for the functionality of the product.
  3. In general you do not need a REM-number. Only if your order was placed from outside of Germany, you may request a RMA number from us.

IMPORTANT: All mainboards that came with a protection cap are to send back with it attached.

Please send your claim in secure packaging, with the filled out service supply note to our service department.

For our customer-oriented, ideal guarantee handling, we may offer an exchange of the item or a credit note if necessary. This will only take action under the express warranty of an additional charge , if it is proved, that no mistake or an unauthorized third-party interference happened.

Accommodation transaction

It is possible to return merchandise that was not bought from us. This service is exclusive for articles from our range of product and under the conditional acceptance of the manufacturers’ accommodation transaction. We will collect a lump sum of 16.00€ clear per item. Please contact our service department for further information.