Damage in transit

What to do in case of damage in transit?

Even when professionally packaged, damage can occur.

Please examine the following points, before you accept your goods:

  1. Is your order complete (check parcel label)
  2. determination of packaging (dents, holes, tears, water damage, missing strapping)
  3. correctness of address

Please have evident damage to your parcel recorded by the carrier. Follow up with the immediate report with our provided form. If possible include a picture of the damage to the form.

If the damage may not be evident at first sight, file your report as soon as possible after the discovery but within the time span of three working days. Please include a picture of the damage if possible.

Please use the following form in any case of damages in transit:


You will receive a return number for your complaint within 24 hours.
After receiving your authorization number, the merchandise must be send back within 5 working days.

Caution! If you are self-insured, please report the damage to your insurance as soon as possible.

Please note the following for the return shipment

  1. the merchandise and packaging must be unaffected with
  2. do not remove the distribution label
  3. the merchandise may not be used nor tested
  4. Merchandise may only be send back with the proper authorization number handed out by BAB. Please include a copy of this number in your return papers or a copy of our pdf form.