Prompt RMA- and Service processing

Our service is your service- and even with the utmost care, mistakes may happen. We gurantee a prompt processing of all occuring RMA-cases with the maximum of transparency.

For a simple and straightforward handling of your request, please use the following form:

RMS-Service: Handling of gurantee and warranty claims, accommodation
Please choose the RMA-processing, if your merchandise was damaged within the limits oft the warranty. Or use the benefits of the handling through the manufacturer directly.We inform you about the manufacturers which offer this service.

Handling of missing/wrong consignment or damaged merchandise
Use this this service in case of missing or wrong consignments or if merchandise was damaged

Support: tech support via manufacturer and BAB E-commerce-support
In case of technical questions concerning their products, many manufacturers offer a profound support. Benefit from the up-to-date know how of their support centers. You can find the hotline numbers in the manufacturer register.
You have questions or remarks to our homepage?
Our E-commerce-support is at your disposal.

phone: +49 57 32. 68 55 9 – 0

Driver and updates
We support you in finding the latest drivers and updates.
Your can find the manufacturer overview with the equivalent links in our manufacturer register.

Our service team will be available at the following times:
Monday to Friday at 08:00am till 5:00pm
phone +49 57 32. 68 55 9-0