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BAB – Your Storage-Specialist


Competent. Reliable. Promptness of service.

Internal hard drives, external hard drives, enterprise hard drives, NAS, SSD- the BAB Distritubution is Your reliable trading partner. Competence, reliability and promptness of service performance is our base for business relationships that contributes towards a both-sided win-win situation. Due many years of experience in the market, our first class products, and a competent logistic management, we can offer the perfect preconditions for all our clients and partners.


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competent. reliable. fast.



BAB DISTRIBUTION is now an official Samsung HDD distributorsamsung_logo_web

The BAB DISTRIBUTION is now official Samsung distributor for internal and external harddrives. With this BAB could, gain another significant producer as cooperation partner.

„We are glad, that boths sides could find common ground and will be able to work even closer together in the future. Our product portfolio will be extended through this, leaving us
well-equipped for the days to come. Certainly boths sides will benefit from the arrangement”, said Managing Director Murat Arpaci.